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Our varieties

Next Generation Apples’ first two varieties were developed through New Zealand’s world-class breeding programme, run by Plant and Food Research and commercialised by Prevar.


In a world filled with boring apples, Sassy™ is the red-hot renegade that's here to shake things up. Its striking appearance, sweet disposition, and bold attitude make Sassy™ an instant crowd favourite. For growers, Sassy™’s early harvest window, high colouration, high pressure and medium size profile makes it a great addition to a portfolio.


Posh™ is a classically beautiful apple – very large, round and bright red, with tiny lenticels and a refined and delicate texture.  From a grower perspective, Posh™ has the sought after texture of its parent Honeycrisp, but is much easier to grow. The yield per tree is also high due to the large fruit size and good colouration. 

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The opportunity

Next Generation is now offering a small group of growers the opportunity to join us on this exciting journey to take Sassy™ and Posh™ to the world and to be part of establishing two new innovative and exciting apple brands.


Our vision is to have a small and select group of growers in the United States, Europe, South Africa, China and South America, in addition to New Zealand, who produce apples to supply to key international markets.


If you’d like to know more, please register your interest by contacting Evan Heywood.
p: +64 27 489 7029

Great growers, great breeders.

New Zealand is one of the best apple-growing countries in the world, and also one of the best at breeding new varieties. New Zealand science company Plant & Food Research (PFR) has over 40 years’ experience in developing new fruit, vegetable, arable and ornamental cultivars. 


PFR’s apple breeding programme is focused on new cultivars that have the factors that appeal to both consumers and growers around the world: crisp texture, high flavour, long storage and shelf life, novel skin and flesh colour, optimal harvest maturity and pest and disease resistance. 


Their genomics research has identified a number of molecular markers for traits such as red flesh, and resistance to scab, powdery mildew and aphids, which are used to identify individuals in their extensive germplasm collection for use as parents in their breeding programme. 


Next Generation Apples’ first two varieties are amoung the latest to be developed by PFR and commercialised by Prevar – their extensive experience and reputation as the world’s best provides us with confidence that Sassy™ and Posh™ have all the right ingredients for commercial success. 

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