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Next Generation Apples Story

Next Generation Apples Story

Our vision

Golden Bay Fruit and Taylor Corp have a shared vision – to take high quality, premium New Zealand-bred apples to the world. 

Together as Next Generation Apples, we have the scale needed to take new varieties to the world, starting with Sassy™ and Posh™. 

Next Generation Apples aims to take new varieties bred by the world’s best, grow them in the best apple-growing regions in the world, and deliver them to apple-loving consumers around the world.

Learning from their fathers and grandfathers, Next Generation Apples is a partnership underpinned by innovation and a desire to find new ways of doing old things in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

Our aim is to build two new global apple brands that consumers love.

About us

Next Generation Apples is a joint venture between two long-standing, multi-generational New Zealand apple growing companies – Golden Bay Fruit and Taylor Corp. 

Established in two of New Zealand’s prime apple-growing regions – Golden Bay and Hawke’s Bay – together, Golden Bay Fruit and Taylor Corp have have more than 150 years of apple-growing experience. Both are family-owned, vertically integrated apple businesses. Family values and a passion for growing are firmly entrenched in their DNA.


While their histories run deep, Golden Bay Fruit and Taylor Corp are equally as passionate about modern planting techniques, embracing innovation and technology and on providing consumers with great apples. Together, taking new varieties to the world is the latest addition to their long and colourful stories. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter.

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